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Within the projects we produce different software packages:

  • Topology Generator of
  • Closed form transient solution of continuous time markov chains through uniformization
  • Grid Market Middleware (GMM)The Grid Market Middleware (GMM) is an economic based grid resource management middleware. It offers an open platform that supports the implementation of diverse economic based resource allocation mechanisms, offering a set of basic mechanisms that facilitate its implementation.
  • Currency Management System (CMS) The Currency Management System is a decentralized banking infrastructure to support economics-inspired resource allocation in open and shared infrastructures and peer-to-peer systems. Its motivation is two-fold: a) provide the means to self-regulate and account for resource exchanges to ensure the stability and fairness of the infrastructure. b) provide and enhanced peer-to-peer storage middleware to support ACID transactions in a dynamic overlay network.
  • Distributed Market Information System (DMIS) retrieves economic data in distributed markets in a decentralized manner to provide it to individual market participants. For time-sensitive information, the the system uses publish-subscribe and aggregation techniques. It solve the challenge of a large-scalability by underlaying a peer-to-peer-system.
  • Grid Market Simulator (GMS)The Grid Market Simulator (GMS) is an economic simulator based on Gridsim to support flexible modelling of grid infrastructures to study the behaviour of the computational economy in the global scope.
  • Local Resource Manager (LRM) The Local Resource Manger provides autonomous management in VM-based resource providers. It addresses desktop computers virtualized with Xen virtualization technology.
  • Future Internet and Research Experimentation Simulator (FireSim). In our efforts to develop sustainable mechanisms for the overall governance of large infrastructures, we provide a set of tools to analyze traces from CoMon, a monitoring infrastructure deployed in PlanetLab. Our preliminary results are under review and we plan to provide a complete simulator. Meanwhile, you can check out here the python code used to parse, organize, aggregate and pre-process the CoMon datasets (documentation is on its way...).