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The EMJD-DC Joint Doctorate offers substantial Erasmus Mundus fellowships for European and non-European doctoral students. The next application period will run from mid-October with a deadline in mid January 2016 for fellowships starting in September 2016. More information at the EMJD-DC web.

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Hubbub-Scale: Towards Reliable Elastic Scaling under Multi-Tenancy
Speakers: Navaneeth Rameshan
Friday, May 6, 2016 - 15:30
Location: Updated Location: C6-E106

In this talk, I'll present our work on achieving reliable elastic scaling in multi-tenant environments. This paper is accepted for publication in CCGrid 2016 and is a rehearsal talk for the conference. Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

Elastic resource provisioning is used to guarantee service level objective (SLO) with reduced cost in a Cloud platform.
However, performance interference in the hosting platform introduces uncertainty in the performance guarantees of provisioned services.
Existing elasticity controllers are either unaware of this interference or over-provision resources to meet the SLO. In this paper, we show that assuming predictable performance of VMs to build an elasticity controller will fail if interference is not modelled. We identify and control the different sources of unpredictability and build Hubbub-Scale; an elasticity controller that is reliable in the presence of performance interference. Our evaluation with Redis and Memcached show that Hubbub-Scale efficiently conforms to the SLO requirements under scenarios where standard modelling approaches fail.