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International Projects

  • DiPet: Distributed Stream Processing on Fog and Edge Systems via Transprecise Computing (2020-2023, CHIST-ERA)
  • LeadingEdge: Holistic and foundational resource allocation framework for optimized and impactful edge computing services (2020-2023, CHIST-ERA)
  • LEDGERPeople centered distributed ledger technologies (2019-2020)

National Projects

  • PDC2023-145809-I00, LoRa mesh networks for the IoT (ASSET), period 1/1/2024-31/12/2025.
  • PID2019-106774RB-C21, Sistemas de computación y comunicación descentralizados: gestión de recursos cooperativa y computación sin servidores (DECONE), 2020-2023. Decentralised computing and networking: cooperative resource management and serverless computing.
  • TIN2016-77836-C2-2-R, Software-Defined Edge Clouds, SWEDGE. Spanish Goverment, period 1/1/2017-31/12/2019.
  • Consolidated Research Group 2017-SGR-990, Generalitat de Catalunya, period 2017/01/01-2020/12/31.