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CoSP: A Collaborative Sensing Platform for mobile applications

TitleCoSP: A Collaborative Sensing Platform for mobile applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMedina, E, López, D, Royo, D, Meseguer, R, Ochoa, SF
Conference NameComputer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD), 2015 IEEE 19th International Conference on
KeywordsAndroids, Batteries, battery consumption reduction, collaborative sensing, collaborative sensing platform, CoSP, Global Positioning System, groupware, Humanoid robots, mobile applications, Mobile Collaboration, mobile computing, Sensors, Smart phones, smartphone-based sensing, smartphones, user behavioural patterns, user modelling
AbstractSmartphones are powerful sensing devices that can help us capture not only information from the environment, but also the users' activities. Based on that information, mobile systems can identify the user's behavioural patterns and adjust their services to better fit his needs. This paper presents a software infrastructure, named Collaborative Sensing Platform (CoSP), which facilitates the automatic collection and collaborative distribution of the data gathered from smartphone sensors. CoSP also helps to save energy during the sensing and data sharing processes. This platform was evaluated empirically in a laboratory experiment. The preliminary results indicate that this infrastructure is useful not only for data gathering and sharing, but also for reducing the battery consumption involved in the sensing tasks.