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26 weeks in Uppsala

Davide Vega, Details: A talk by Davide about his stay at Uppsala University
Thursday, May 7, 2015 - 15:30
First talk: 26 weeks in Uppsala. Fika, Nature, Snow... BBQ! How these concepts are related? They could describe any Scandinavian country, but for me they will be always linked to Uppsala (Sweden), a University-city where I spent 26 weeks as part of my PhD. The talk intends to describe my experience in both, the university and the city. I will describe the Swedish university model and how it is related with the research and academic expectations there. It will be a good opportunity to share our experiences (as PhD's) in different institutions (you are welcome to share yours too!). As always, comparisons are a good tool for reflection and I think the talk could open some interesting discussion about our own institution and, more particularly, our research group.