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Circular economy research

Research about the circular economy of material devices, for the transition to a collaborative and circular consumption of electronics.
eReuse is about the reuse electronics ensuring final recycling. We perform research on collaborative models for the traceability of digital devices across their lifespan, among the multiple stakeholders involved.
Distributed Ledger and Blockchain: We have defined in our research a new form of blockchain traceability, the concept and architecture. A distributed ledger allows to introduce irreversible log entries (e.g. proofs of use, donation, reuse, repair, recycling), and inexorable actions under agreed conditions (smart contracts). Our Ledger prototype implementation uses a local Ethereum PoA blockchain and a set of Solidity smart contracts. We have also evaluated alternatives such as Hyperledger Fabric. The prototype software has been validated in a controlled mesh network environment. A video demo of the proof of concept implementation.
Our partners are:
Our projects (most recent first):

Selected publications in the group about this topic: governance of community clouds and blockchain: [1], Analysis of circularity of electronic devices and metrics: [2], Sustainability of participatory digital commons: [3], [4], Model, basic tools and services (best paper award): [5], and more publications.

Data sets: The eReuse data sets.

Code: The eReuse code repository.

Software and services: Workbench, DeviceHub, App, etc

Documents and Specifications: The Global Record of Devices, the blockchain, the Device Schema and corresponding JSON device description.

Video: of the current prototype with blockchain integration (click image to play)


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