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Sustainability and Participation in the Digital Commons

TitleSustainability and Participation in the Digital Commons
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFranquesa, D, Navarro, L
Date Published04/2017
KeywordsCommons, community networks, reuse, sustainability
AbstractAs farmers depend on irrigation, pastures and water, digital societies depend on networking infrastructures, such as the Internet and digital devices that produce and support connectivity and interaction. We argue, that what applies to critical natural resource systems (e.g. an irrigation system or fishing grounds), also applies to digital resources. This includes not only designing sustainable systems and interfaces for the digital world, but systems that require social and environmental awareness, while taking responsibility, and recognizing the gaps, limits and impacts of global-scale digital artifacts.
NotesResearch supported by the netCommons H2020, and the CHEST FP7 EU research projects.