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Detection of social positions in multi-relational social networks

Davide Vega, PhD student
Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 15:30
(The presentation will take place at room C6-E101 for availability reasons)
Work to be presented: XXXV Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) June 23 – June 28, 2015
Davide Vega, Matteo Magnani, Roc Meseguer, Felix Freitag


The detection of social positions and roles is a key task in the structural analysis of complex social systems. The continuous growth of social and media content has provided richer datasets that have been used to improve structural analysis methods, but have also highlighted the need to revise existing methods to take advantage of the additional information that can be found in the data, e.g., the presence of multiple types of connections between users. In this work we introduce a novel framework to detect position patterns in multi-relational graphs. Our framework complements traditional blockmodeling using extended node-based and distance-based metrics, enabling the discovery of positions that cannot be captured by existing methods. Thanks to these extended metrics our approach can be used to detect roles in multi-relational social networks.