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ICT Deployments for Disaster Relief

Bob Marsh, Vice President Engineering and Co-Founder of Inveneo
Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 18:00
(Please note that this week's meeting is at 18:00)


Inveneo has assisted relief and healthcare NGOs in the USA, Haiti, Philippines and W.Africa. Currently it has several its own and partner staff working on the ground in Sierra Leone and Liberia to bring broadband data access to organizations responding to the Ebola crisis.

Speaker Bio

Bob manages ICT projects from design to completion with more than 35 years of technical expertise. One of the early members of the fabled Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley, Bob co-designed in 1975 one of the earliest personal computers, the Processor Technology Sol-20. Bob recently coordinated low-power rural computing projects in Botswana and Malawi as well as multi-stakeholder efforts to bring Internet service to over 100 youth centers and schools in underserved communities in the West Bank of Palestine.

Sneak preview of the presentation (discussion is going to follow)

Disaster Relief