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Monitoring System for Community-Lab

Navaneeth Rameshan, PhD candidate at UPC,KTH
Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 15:30
Title: Monitoring System for Community-Lab(30 minutes)

Abstract: In this session we will talk about the monitoring system for Community-Lab, its various capabilities, current limitations and future work. The metrics monitored include OS-provided resource consumption metrics, synthesized metrics such as open/closed ports and connectivity information. It also provides a view of the network topology and the general network health between the nodes. The design of the monitoring system ensures that no information is lost during network partitions, provides a complete historic access and supports aggregation of data at different granularities. The short talk will particularly focus on the different features of the monitoring system and will provide a short guide on the capabilities that can be leveraged by researchers to choose nodes before deploying a slice. Also people are encouraged to provide any suggestions for requirements or features they deem beneficial for researchers/admins. More information on the monitoring system can be found on the wiki.