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Energy efficient economic model for community clouds: vision and challenges

Leila, Leandro
Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 12:00

Energy consumption in IT infrastructure is becoming a critical issue nowadays. Looking forward, energy is going to be dear. The energy cost is going to exceed the infrastructure and maintenance cost; thus, as computer scientists, we should welcome the energy era by designing energy efficient architecture, resource management, etc.

In this talk we will speculate the energy consumption of different cloud architectures to find out about the energy efficiency of Community Cloud Computing(C3) architecture. Then we will discuss the possible energy- credit economic modeling and scheduling methods and their challenges; we will conclude with a case study of providing "Energy as a Service" (EaaS) on community clouds.

After the talk, Leandro and me are going to show you a couple of "good" examples based about how to disseminate your knowledge and interests on Internet providing open data and open tools. Maybe it could start an interesting discussion about it!

For people willing to attend remotely, we will share the presentation via Google Hangouts.